What Our Customers Say

The system has worked flawlessly, providing uninterrupted service, and giving us soft water all the time. Other than adding salt, there really has been no other maintenance required. Bearing the above in mind, we would not hesitate to recommend Kinetico water treatment equipment.
- R. Blanchard. Calgary, AB

Here are a few things we are impressed with: There is plenty of pure drinking water. There is no lugging water bottles, the sinks and toilets are easy to maintain because there is no build-up of scale and our Kinetico Water Specialists efficiently sends a reminder when it's time to replace the bulb and flush and sterilize the ultraviolet water disinfection system. We find the service and technicians very good.
- Happy customers...Dennis & Paula K. Caledon, ON

We are thrilled with our KINETICO softener and reverse osmosis system. I felt we could trust our Kinetico Water Specialist with our health and wellbeing and they made me feel confident in the decisions I was making. We were so excited with the results of our water, we introduced our parents to it and they bought the system too!
- Leigh. Schomberg, ON

The Kinetico Water Purification System has worked very well. It has eliminated all the minerals, hardness and sulphur odour from the water. The service after installation has been great. This has also eliminated our need for the water cooler. I would recommend these purification systems to anyone without hesitation. I am very confident about the service of the system.
- Regards, Balu. Mississauga, ON

Our water was as hard as water could be and full of rust. Since we switched to a Kinetico Water system we noticed the water is really soft and the rust color was gone out of the water. The Kinetico system is the best out there.
- Linda. Waterloo, ON

My wife and I would like to commend your installer on his professionalism and cleanliness. He left the work area as clean as when he first entered. I am a tradesman and was impressed by the way he laid out the equipment and how neat and tidy the finished installation looks.
- Dave. Edmonton, AB

We would not be without our Kinetico Water Treatment System. We are moving to Saskatchewan and are taking it with us!
- Art and Marg Z. Vancouver, BC

I have owned and enjoyed a Kinetico water processing system for many years that meets with my unqualified approval. The previous "timed" water softening systems which I have used were inefficient and wasteful. On the other hand the Kinetico unit does the job and at low cost.
- Kenneth. Regina, SK

My old water softener was so loud we where losing a full night of sleep every week. I needed to find a much quieter way to soften my water. The Kinetico water system that we have is quiet, it's small, it's less intrusive and it's the perfect water solution for my home.
- Gary. Kitchener, ON

I used to think of a home water filtering system as a kind of eccentricity; a deluxe sort of thing like salt water hot tubs and those shoe polishers they have in men’s clubs. Now I think of them as essential. Two years ago we got a notice through the door informing us that we probably had a lead intake pipe. Our choice was about thirty thousand dollars in digging and plumbing or a means of filtering the lead out before it began softening our brains. Around the same time the guys from Kinetico asked me if I would be interested in trying out one of their home water systems. I have to tell you, I wasn’t sure. I wondered if I would even like the taste of the new water (I know, weird), would it change the amount of water pressure I had? What would happen to my clothes and dishes? I opted for a full system. That means every last drop of water inside my house has been treated by Kinetico, both my home's working water and our drinking water. It’s low maintenance (I have to throw a bag of salt into it every six months or so) and it genuinely provides me with peace of mind. Every time I read another article about storm wash in Lake Ontario or about how pharmaceuticals are building up in our waste water I know I have nothing to worry about. Not only does my water taste better but my showers are chlorine free and my clothes and dishes come out of the wash without residue. When I started out with Kinetico I knew very little about the company. Today I am very proud to be involved with a growing Canadian company with deep community roots. I told them I would never shill, only tell people what I would tell my friends. And yes, now even my friends own Kinetico systems!
- John Moore. Journalist and Talk Radio Personality. Toronto, ON