Why does my water have funny tastes or odours?

It depends on where your water comes from. In its natural state, water is colourless, tasteless and odourless—and you should expect nothing less for the water in your home. Common chemicals used in water treatment, natural minerals and bacteria, or man-made contamination may be acting behind the scenes to give your water funny tastes or odours, such as a "rotten egg" smell or a musty, earthy or metallic taste. When Kinetico hydrates your life, we thoughtfully and completely remove the sources of these annoyances so your water is clean, fresh and enjoyable.

Once you experience life hydrated by Kinetico, you'll appreciate the simple pleasure of clean, crisp water. Call your local Kinetico water specialist. Nigeria's foremost water experts, you can count on us to identify, treat and resolve any water issue you face.