Hydration by Kinetico: Tailored to fit your family.

A life hydrated by Kinetico means all water in your home, from drinking water to "working" water, receives the care it deserves. As water experts, we look at the big picture and suggest personalized solutions to resolve the issues specific to your home.

Tailored To You We provide this service without obligation; as water professionals, we enjoy the opportunity to explain the art and science of water conditioning. And as local experts living in your community, we're quite familiar with the challenges you may be facing and how to resolve them. Should you ever have questions, we're just down the road and eager to help.

One of the things our customers like best about life hydrated by Kinetico is the time they get back for doing things they enjoy. For example, instead of spending endless hours scrubbing stains, they're free to put that time to better use. They enjoy the "hands free" operation, never again having to touch or set dials. And depending on how much water you use, you'll probably notice fewer trips to add salt to your system since your conditioner will only recharge as you use it.