Hydration by Kinetico: Softer on your household budget.

Life hydrated by Kinetico isn't just limited to what you taste, touch, see and feel. It also affects your cheque book for the better. Take your water heater, for example.

Typically, it's the second biggest energy user in your home. Did you know that Kinetico softened water takes 30% less energy to heat than hard water, and your water heater will last longer too?

Then there's the money you'll save on not having to buy expensive bottled water because you have the best water right on tap. Laundry Soap

You'll also save on everything from shampoo to cleaning supplies. When your water is softened by Kinetico, you need less of them—and you'll still get better results. Your clothes will last longer while your darks stay dark and your whites and colors stay bright. Towels

Finally, Kinetico systems are driven by water pressure and make soft water only when you need it, so they use less salt, less water and zero electricity. This smart, simple and effective design, coupled with the industry's leading warranty, means your investment in the best water will pay returns for years to come.

Count on your local Kinetico water specialist to fix your problem water for good. Ask for a quick quote now or call today to schedule a home consultation.